LABOR RATES ONLY.  Listed are a few of our most popular services.  For a more detailed quote, please call us or stop by the shop!
The prices listed are general estimates & DO NOT include prices for parts.

a la Carte

Shift Adjustment – $15 & up (each)
Brake Adjustment – $15 & up (each)
Tube/Tire Install – $10 & up (each)

Tune Up

Basic – $60(Bicycle); $70 (Recumbent/Tandem)
Includes Brake & Shift adjustments, spot wheel true & tension (on bike), external lubrication of cables & chain, security check of bolts & accessories, wipe down, & tire inflation.

Deluxe – $80 (Bicycle); $95 (Recumbent/Tandem)
Includes all aspects of BASIC tune up, minor wheel true (in truing stand), installation of brake pads & cables (parts not included), minor hub & headset adjustment, drivetrain clean (on bike), frame & wheel clean.

Pro – $125 (Bicycle); $150 (Recumbent/Tandem)
Our most comprehensive tune up service.  Includes all aspects of DELUXE tune up.  Drivetrain is removed & degreased in solvent tank, intense frame &wheel clean.

*Tunes do not include installation of new parts (other than those noted)

Hourly Rate – $50 per Hour

Electrical Hourly Rate – $75 per Hour

Safety Inspection (w/ Lubrication) – $25

Complete Overhaul – $225 (Bicycle); $275 (Recumbent)

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