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Jeremiah Dean

1375269_10151754599734735_215650386_nOwner, Jeremiah Dean, lives & breathes cycling & the outdoor world.   He has a passion for mountain biking, road cycling, touring, bikepacking, & more!

Jeremiah helped his father “Hoppy” (who initially started the shop as a Recumbent Trike Shop called “T.Ryx Recumbent Trikes”) to develop the shop into a full-service bike shop.  While small, the capabilities of the shop are endless, and offer more knowledge and assistance than your standard bicycle shop.

How so?

Jeremiah’s background reach deep into the cycling community.   A 20 year industry veteran, Jeremiah has a resume that surpasses most.  A life long cyclist Jeremiah began racing downhill in his late teens while the US National Series was at it’s peak.  Upon his retirement from competitive racing, Jeremiah joined the “industry” in a style what would be come his trademark – work endlessly & successfully in multiple jobs.  Initially a sports photographer, Jeremiah’s images became iconic for multiple brands and media outlets.   Highly touted as a marketing expert, several brands have hired Jeremiah to help develop their program, and build successful teams. As an artist, Jeremiah worked for and started his own custom paint house, painting helmets for many of the world’s top action sports athletes and teams.  In recent years, Jeremiah took the initiative to develop a National Mountain Bike Series for USA Cycling.  USAC allowed him to run the gravity side, dubbed the ProGRT, while USAC adopted the design and created the ProXCT.  In order to help support and promote the series, Jeremiah started his own professional race team which went by a few different names over the years – DRD/Tomac, DRD/X-Fusion/Intense, & in the final years ARMA Energy MTB.

Currently, Jeremiah works as a sports agent for an agency called Wasserman.  Wasserman is a sports marketing and management firm with global expertise in building brands, properties and athletes’ careers. It’s highly likely that Wasserman represents many of your favorite athletes today!

Want to know more about Jeremiah?  Following in on his social media channels: @jdylandean


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