It took me a few minutes to pop out any other words out of my mouth after seeing these babies in person.   A new company called “Carbon Tactic” has introduced the first 100% carbon fiber chainrings to the cycling market.   While others have tried (and failed), Carbon Tactic has seemed to have found the proper method to create such a cool product.   Hand layered and then pressed, the company is able to control the strength and quality of these carbon rings.   Other companies have generally produced rings with carbon bodies, but then bolt titanium or aluminum teeth to them.   Still cool, they don’t surpass the sheer awesomeness of these 100% carbon beauties.


First question…  What’s the durability?

Answer, while the company currently has a wide variety of testers to give these bad boys a beating & put some serious miles on them, the only numbers come from lab testing.  Amazingly, they have had a single ring on their test machine for over 25,000 miles straight, & shifting the chain into different gears to simulate the various angles.  The ring shows MINIMAL wear.  Insane

What’s the weight?

While there are different versions being produced (basically different interface/bcd patterns, & a variety of CNC-ing to produce different cutouts for weight savings,… on average they are about 25% lighter than aluminum

fullsizeoutput_d95          fullsizeoutput_d98

What applications?

Currently the rings are all single speed (mainly 1X rings).   They will be available for  all disciplines of cycling – mtb, road, track, cx & bmx!

Take my money!

While we have a few rings at the shop, they will be producing the most popular sizes & interfaces within a month’s time… prices aren’t officially set yet, but it looks like they will range from $130 for the MTB sizes to $180 for the Road sizes.   Expensive, but not outrageous (considering Dura Ace can be $300+ for aluminum)